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Site Updates & Web Highlights

I recently listed this site to two photoblogs lists. If you like this site, I would appreciate if you can vote:

Here’s an old Steve Jobs speech from Stanford Commencement 2005. I recently saw it and it’s definitely worth listening to:

I originally reached the video through a post on Eitan Burcat blog.

New Tutorial, Book Review & More!

Starting of this week, every week a new tutorial will be published in the In-Depth series, keep watching.

Reminder: All turorials, reviews & tips are available in the Tutorials, Reviews & Tips on the top of the right menu.

Back from France

I’ve just returned from 4 days business trip in France, doing short visits in Paris & Rennes.
24 hours before the trip my laptop suddenly died and within a short time I needed to find a replacement laptop and prepare it for the trip (this is the main reason for not posting).

During the trip I succeeded having few street photography sessions, I’m starting to process the images and will start uploading soon. Here is the first photograph:


Canon 5D with 100mm Macro, F2.8 @ ISO 500

New Lightroom tutorials are still in the works. I estimate next publication will be before the weekend, stay tuned…

New Lightroom Tips – Customizing panels behavior

New Lightroom TipsLightroom tutorials & tips section is updated.
Two new tips on Lightroom panels customizations are now available: #1, #2.

Visit Tutorials & Tips section for the entire list.

Up next, some advanced tips on smart collections, stay tuned…

My Return

I’m Back!!!

The past two months have been crazy. I worked day and night for a month on a big project at work. Just after the project ended I received a bonus and caught a nasty disease that crippled me for another month (the lovely Infectious Mononucleosis disease).

During this period I barely photographed and now that I’m almost completely healthy (well, still some minor leftovers from the disease), my craving is waking up again…. Be prepared for new material within few days….

I will use the opportunity to showoff my amazing baby boy:


As you can see, once he understood the photograph might be published on the web, he immediately covered his privates ;-)

Lightroom Tip – Editing multiple images simultaneously

Just published a new Lightroom tip explaining how to edit multiple image simultaneously.

More to come…

New Lightroom Tips & Tricks Corner

As part of my recently launched Lightroom Zone I’m introducing Lightroom Tips & Tricks corner.

My first two tips are on collections: Detect Containing Collections & Removing from Collections.

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