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Crazy life

1/800 @ f/2.2, ISO 320 | Canon 5D & 50 f/1.4 Lens
In the picture above, Yuval (my amazing boy) slides in the playground. As you can see he’s not very clean, we just ate mulberries we picked from a near-by tree.

I welcome all the new visitors coming through Lightroom Facebook page recommendation.
Following the impressive support I got in comments and e-mails I will try to do more frequent updates to the tutorials section.
I’m working on some tips for Lightroom 3 and Photoshop CS5, stay tuned…

As for LrSaver, we’re working now in full speed on supporting Lightroom 3. we should have a beta release available in less than a week…

Yuval in Shower | Site Updates

1/80 @ f/3.2, ISO 800 | Canon 5D, 50mm f/1.8 Lens & 580II Flash
1/80 @ f/3.2, ISO 800 | Canon 5D, 50mm f/1.8 Lens & 580II Flash

Site updates

Screen Resolution

For a while I was thinking about increasing the website resolution (website width). While it seems a simple decision, I was not sure what are the most widely used monitors today and whether such increment will be problematic to some of the visitors.

This is where Google analytics came in to play. One of the many parameters that analytics monitors is the screen resolution. The following graph shows the screen resolutions of the blog visitors from the last month:

The above information shows that ~90% of the users are using wide screen and/or high resolution monitors and only 10% are still using 1024×768. Following this input I’ve decided to increased site width. Visitors with low resolution monitors can use browser zoom functionality to overcome this limit.

So, what’s new?

Ok, so what is new in the updated site design:

  • Wider resolution, photographs are much bigger now!
  • Updated Portfolio design, sleeker & faster than previous one. I’m currently test-driving the zoom/pan functionality, would highly appreciate your input.
  • Updated ‘Web Recommendation’ Sidebar (bottom right menu)
  • New image enlargement script, click on the analytics screenshot above to see.

Would be great to hear your feedback…

Orthodox Jerusalem | LrSaver 0.96.4 Release

1/1000 @ f/4.0, ISO 100 | Canon 5D with 50mm f/1.8

Photograph was taken last Saturday in Meah Shearim. Meah Shearim is a famous orthodox neighborhood in Jerusalem (more info in Wikipedia). It’s quiet amazing how in a walk few meters from streets you know you see totally different life. This is how the kids spend their Saturday …

LrSaver 0.96.4 Release

We’re proud to announce the release of LrSaver 0.96.4. The new release includes:

  • Support for multiple monitors (in several customizable configurations)
  • Customizable presenting order (time-line or random)

As usual, would be great to hear your comments…

Thank You

We would like to thank all the web-sites (Special great thanks goes to Imaging Source, Lightroom Blog, Lightroom News, Photography Blog, Photography Review) & the users who helped make LrSaver launch a great success.

We were highly impressed by the community response to LrSaver, not only we received great feedback but also some great ideas for the upcoming releases.

Thank you all, your engagement is highly appreciated!

LrSaver Release Announcement

Today we’re pleased to announce LrSaver, an Adobe Lightroom Screensaver addon.

LrSaver is screensaver which dynamically generates a slideshow according to Lightroom meta-data information.

LrSaver key advantages:

  • Flexibility – Smart grouping of your favorite photographs according to any meta-data fields
  • Efficiency – Minimal resource utilization by using Lightroom cache (no need to export)
  • Simplicity – Simple & intuitive user-interface

LrSaver is currently available for Windows, a 14 days trial version is available for download (link).

Mac support will be introduced in few weeks. You can subscribe on LrSaver website to receive Mac support release notification (subscribe here).

LrSaver  is currently available in a special introductory price of $9.99!

We’re thrilled to have LrSaver released and we will be happy hear your reviews, comments & anything you have on your mind. drop us an email to or simply leave a comment here…

The big issue & Facebook update

1/1600 @ 1.8, ISO 800 using Canon 5D with 50mm f/1.8

As some of you have probably noticed, I have created a facebook page for the website.
By joining the page as a fan you will receive updates to your facebook feed and also show support.
The page address is:

Seine River, Paris

1/30 sec @ f/11, ISO 1250 | Canon 5D with 16-35 F/2.8L @ 16mm

The photograph above was captured from a bridge on top of Seine River in Paris. In was a cloudy afternoon and it started raining few minutes before this was captured.

As you have probably noticed. the site design has been updated. The main changes are in the title & the right side bar. I would be happy to hear your inputs on the new design …

For the ones with short memory, here’s a reminder of the previous design:

New motion photography tutorial

Following a short sequence of Lightroom tutorials, I’m pleased to introduce my first photography technique tutorial:

Motion Photography Techniques: Panning, Smearing & Freezing

To view the full list of tutorials, reviews & tips, check out the menu option with the same name on the top right.

I will be happy to hear your opinion, feel free to drop a comment, suggestion or anything you have on your mind…