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Accidentally stumbled upon this photo from last year ..

Street Music

Serenity Now

It has been a while since the last time I’ve used my SLR.
I need to re-focus my inner lens so it will take me a while :)

After a stormy week the sun came out and we used the opperunity to go for a walk in Hashofet River. Here are couple of photos:

Maor & Michal Wedding (Teaser)

Amazing wedding, more photos coming soon.

Sweetie Pie

For a while now I’ve been too busy and had to put photography aside. Today I had some one on one time with my daughter, Hila, and it felt like she noticed I haven’t taken photos of her in a while and she suddenly started to model for me.¬†Once I brought the camera she took it to the next level and brought her sunglasses.

Here are photos from the session, I’m a bit rusty after not touching the camera for a while.. I dont think the photos do her justice :)

Shabbat Shalom

Uncle Eli with Tefillin.