Lightroom Tips – Customized panels behavior #2

Lightroom panels are filled with many components which sometimes can be lengthy to browse (especially without big monitor). A simple tweak to customize panels behavior might make your life easier. Each panel can be configured that once a component is being opened other components are automatically folded.

In order to do you can either:

  • press ALT (PC) or Option (MAC) while clicking on a component title (the title, not the triangle).
  • Right click on a title and choose ‘Solo Mode’.

Once changed the triangle near the title becomes dotted.

Figure 1 – Default component behavior
(before clicking)

Figure 2 – Automatic folding component behavior (after clicking)

Now you can simply play with the panel and decide which behavior you like the most.

Configuration is per panel which provides the maximum flexibility, each panels in each module can be customized differently.

Thanks to MB who commented on the right click option which I was not aware of.