Lightroom Tips – How to develop multiple photographs simultaneously

Lightroom develop module provides a strong productivity feature – the capability to modify group of images simultaneously.
For example, updating White Balance for a sequence of images can be done once instead of per image.

In order to do so:

  • Goto develop module
  • Select the images you would like to modify
    • Use Control (Windows) or Command (Mac) key to choose specific photographs
    • Use SHIFT key to choose sequence of photographs
  • Press Control (Windows) or Command (Mac) key and see ‘Sync’ button changes to ‘Auto Sync’ (See Figure 1 & Figure 2)

Fiigure 1 – Sync button before pressing Control/Command

Figure 2 – Sync button after pressing Control/Command

  • Click on ‘Auto Sync’ button

Once ‘Auto Sync’ is enabled, develop module operations are performed on all the selected images.

Clicking on ‘Auto Sync’ again returns to standard behavior.

Note: Once performing modification to group of images it might take few seconds until you will see the change reflected on all thumbnails (depending on compute performance & number of selected photographs).