Hi, I’m Nir Dremer.

The site serves as a platform for me to share my photography work and photography related information I find valuable. I post new photographs every few days and from time to time I publish tutorials and tips on photography & post-processing.
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Feel free to contact me at contact@dremer.net for anything you have on your mind (feedbacks are highly appreciated).

About myself

I discovered photography a long time ago but I truly fell in love with it upon the purchase of my first digital camera, the Olympus C-2040 (high performance 2 megapixel camera).
Along the way I studied photography in Masa Acher Photography School (which was a great experience) and moved to DSLR (starting with Canon 300D and now Canon 5D).

In my professional life I work in the Israeli hi-tech industry (see LinkedIn profile for details) and my spare time is devoted to my family and photography.

Nir Dremer