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1/80 @ f/3.2, ISO 800 | Canon 5D, 50mm f/1.8 Lens & 580II Flash
1/80 @ f/3.2, ISO 800 | Canon 5D, 50mm f/1.8 Lens & 580II Flash

Site updates

Screen Resolution

For a while I was thinking about increasing the website resolution (website width). While it seems a simple decision, I was not sure what are the most widely used monitors today and whether such increment will be problematic to some of the visitors.

This is where Google analytics came in to play. One of the many parameters that analytics monitors is the screen resolution. The following graph shows the screen resolutions of the blog visitors from the last month:

The above information shows that ~90% of the users are using wide screen and/or high resolution monitors and only 10% are still using 1024×768. Following this input I’ve decided to increased site width. Visitors with low resolution monitors can use browser zoom functionality to overcome this limit.

So, what’s new?

Ok, so what is new in the updated site design:

  • Wider resolution, photographs are much bigger now!
  • Updated Portfolio design, sleeker & faster than previous one. I’m currently test-driving the zoom/pan functionality, would highly appreciate your input.
  • Updated ‘Web Recommendation’ Sidebar (bottom right menu)
  • New image enlargement script, click on the analytics screenshot above to see.

Would be great to hear your feedback…