Angela Portraits, Part 1

I’ve decided to get into using artificial lights. So far my experience was based on installing my Canon 580II flash on the hot shoe and using it as fill flash.

In order to gain some knowledge on the topic I did some preparations, mainly by reading on the strobist blog. It was clear that for high quality portraits I will need to improvise as I dont have the right equipment (like umbrellas, light stands and so on).
For the task I used my Canon 5D together with 16-35, 100mm Macro & 70-200 f/4L together with 2 Canon 580II flashes (one was borrowed from a colleague) operated remotely by using Canon wireless transmitter. Due to the fact that this is all I had, I needed to improvise how to locate the lights in the scene. One flash was glued on top of my tripod head and was used together with Sto-Fen OMNI-BOUNCE on top. The 2nd flash was used mounted on the flash kit table stand and positioned on ground (mostly as background light) or in higher positioning when possible.

Leaving equipment aside, I was looking for a beautiful lady to join the project. Luckily, Angela, a colleague of mine, happily jumped on board. The photography session started in broken abandoned house in Bat Shlomo.

1/200 Sec @ f/4, ISO 160 | Canon 5D with Canon 16-35mm
1/200 Sec @ f/4, ISO 160 | Canon 5D with Canon 16-35mm
1/200 Sec @ f/4, ISO 320 | Canon 5D with Canon 100mm Macro

More photos will be published soon…