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Red Flower

Red Flower

Photographed today in a flower shop. Captured using Canon 5D & 100mm macro lens.

New Lightroom Tips – Customizing panels behavior

New Lightroom TipsLightroom tutorials & tips section is updated.
Two new tips on Lightroom panels customizations are now available: #1, #2.

Visit Tutorials & Tips section for the entire list.

Up next, some advanced tips on smart collections, stay tuned…

Weekly Web Highlights

  • An industrial photographer named Stephen Mallon published great photographs of the salvage of flight 1549, which landed in the Hudson river – Link.
  • DigitalPixels crazy post showing Nikon D3 camera cut in half photos.
  • Scott kelby interviews Bryan O’Neil Hughes, Photoshop Product Manager – Link.
  • Dave Cross “Finish the Sentence…” series with Neil van NiekerkLink.
  • Lighting Essential blog released a nice tutorial comparing Umbrella and Bounce Umbrella – Link.
  • Epic Edits Weblog released a great set of tutorials explaining how to backup your photography archive – Link.

Family Quality Time (Tel-Aviv Harbor)

Yuval Portraiture (also called ‘Eating the Carpet’)

Next week I’m abroad for business (currently the plan is Stockholm, Hamburg & Amsterdam but the route is not final yet), hopefully will have time to photograph and return with some good results. In the mean time I try to devote my free time to my family.

The following series was photographed over the weekend while Yuval practiced crawling:


Thinking what to do…

Playing ‘Catch the Camera’