Monthly Archives: October 2008

Drinking Croatian Beer

A year ago my wife and I were in a trip, driving two weeks in Croatia-Slovenia.
While reorganizing Lightroom catalog I found the following photograph from Croatia.

The guy was drunk and barely sat straight for the photo.

Red Sea #3

Another Red Sea Sunset, now from near a small harbor:

Red Sea #2

Red Sea sunset, view from Eilat Beach:

Red Sea #1

Beach Sunset

Sunset in Netanya beach:

Kids Soccer @ Beach

I went today to a beach in Netanya to photograph the sunset.
Along the way I meet 3 nice kids playing soccer and I joined to photograph the session.

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After few minutes I found myself in a one on one session with Yuval. Yuval had a click with the camera and we spend the next hour together in a modeling session.

Here are some photos of Yuval modeling:

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Yuval really wanted to be photographed jumping and I promised to publish the best photos. Here you go:

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On the same walk I also meet a beautiful surfer called Danielle. Stay tuned to the next post to see her photos….