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Self portrait with My Son

Usually i dont tend to upload photos of myself but this time I will make an exception.

Few days ago my wife, my son and myself had a nice walk in the neighborhood and I decided to use the opportunity to be on the other side of the camera for a change.

I gave my wife my 5D camera with the 16-35 lens and the 580II flash.
The camera was configured to AV, F2.8 and 800 ISO (in order to see the background in these evening hours) with the flash configured for -1/3 exposure (so our faces will have a little more natural look).

This is the outcome (click to enlarge):

The image would have been a little better if my baby would have chosen to smile.
I guess he needs few more months to get used to the flash :-).

Yarkon River @ Night

I walked near the Yarkon River in Tel-Aviv few days ago.

The purpose was photography but eventually I ended up having a drink with a friend …

Before the drink, I succeeded capturing one photograph:


Few days ago I came back from a week in Amsterdam, attending IBC exhibition.
During the exhibition I barely had any free time but I succeeded grabbing the camera and tripod for few hours in one of the evenings.

Starting with a panoramic image of the central train station and part of the canal:

The photograph is a merged of 4 photos. The merger process was quiet easy using the automatic settings of Photoshop CS3 panoramic merger capability.
(in order to understand how far I went, on the left side you can see the green sign – this is the hotel i stayed in)

I mainly walked by the canals, enjoyed the beauty and grabbed some photos:

[Old post, gallery was removed]

Nir Recommends: Articles & Photographs Recommendations

As of today I’m introducing a new blog corner called “Nir Recommends” in which I will recommend articles & photos from across the web which I enjoyed and thought you might too.

Comments with additional recommendations are highly welcomed.



For more recommendations, you’re invited to visit:

Liat Pregnancy summary

On July 3rd Liat (my wife) gave birth to our first and amazing son Yuval.

Before introducing you to Yuval, here are some photographs to summarize my wife pregnancy.

Tel-Aviv Harbor

Every few weeks I try to grab my camera and simply walk around and photograph. The concept is similar to PhotoWalk but alone ;-)
(To be honest, I didn’t happen since my new baby was born, but the concept remains…)

Few photos from my “PhotoWalk” in Tel-Aviv Harbor:

Welcome to my new Blog!

Helloooo poeple!

I’m proud to launch a new version of, now with a blog (based on wordpress)!
The new site will be updated with new content every few days:
– My photographs.
– Photography techniques, technologies & tutorials.
– Weekly news update with photography news from around the web.

You’re welcome to subscribe to the site, on the right bar you can subscribe by e-mail, RSS and even FriendFeed (if you’re not familiar with FF, I highly recommend trying it out).

In the following weeks the new site will be in beta phase (short down-times are possible).

I will be happy to hear inputs, suggestions & anything you have in mind…